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Leak Lock PVC Cement
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Leak Lock PVC Cement

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The Most Important Breakthrough in Solvent Weld Technology in Over 30 Years!

Leak Lock PVC Cement

  • Fast Set, One Step Cement
  • Suitable for All Weather Conditions
  • Works Well on Wet or Dry Pipe
  • Great for Flexible PVC Pipe
  • Allows for Immediate Pressure Testing
  • Meets ASTM D2564

Leak Lock Multi-Purpose One-Step PVC Cement is a Blue, Medium Bodied, Wet/Dry, Low VOC PVC Cement that is fast set for use on all classes and schedules of PVC pressure pipe (including Sch. 80) through 6" (15.24 cm) diameter and on non-pressure pipe through 8" (20.32 cm) Diameter.

Leak Lock Multi-Purpose One-Step PVC Cement is a fast setting cement that is formulated for wet or dry conditions and/or conditions where quick pressurization is desired. Leak Lock Multi-Purpose One-Step PVC Cement is an all-weather cement, suitable for temperature well below 0°F (-18°C) to well over 120°F (49°C).

Directions For Use
  1. Cut the pipe square and remove all burrs.
  2. Check fitting of pipe. If too loose or too tight, pipe should not be used. Ideal fit between pipe and fitting before cementing allows pipe to enter to full depth of socket easily.
  3. Remove all dust, moisture, grease, oil and any other foreign material from pipe and fitting. “HIGHSIDE’S MULTI-PURPOSE ONE-STEP PVC CEMENT” is designed for use without a primer. If primer is required by local code - product can be used with purple primer.
  4. Apply enough cement uniformly to pipe and fitting to form a bead of cement at outside end of pipe. Prevent excess cement from forming on bare inside walls of pipe.
  5. Brush “HIGHSIDE’S MULTI-PURPOSE ONE-STEP PVC CEMENT” generously on the outside of the pipe to the depth of the fitting. Do not thin cement with primers or cleaners.
  6. Immediately after “HIGHSIDE’S MULTI-PURPOSE ONE-STEP PVC CEMENT” is applied, insert pipe to the bottom of the socket, using a quarter twisting motion, and hold in place 30 seconds until cement sets. Assemble parts QUICKLY. If cement is not fluid, re-coat both parts and repeat procedure.
  7. Remove excessive “HIGHSIDE’S MULTI-PURPOSE ONE-STEP PVC CEMENT” with a dry cloth only.
  8. Allow about 4 minutes for good handling strength. Allow 4 hours for high strength. For best quality joints, remove water or moisture from pipe and fitting and allow 2-24 hours cure time. Cure time before testing depends on size, fit, temperature and pressures. Meets NSF® standards 14 and 61, refer to ASTM Spec. D2564, for recommended set and cure time.
  9. Keep container closed at all times when not using to avoid moisture absorption and vapor losses. Keep “HIGHSIDE’S MULTI-PURPOSE ONE-STEP PVC CEMENT” from freezing.
  10. Brilliant blue color allows you to see application.
  11. Follow all recommended procedures for joining PVC pipe and fittings as stated in ASTM Spec. D2564.

* Use of HIGHSIDE’S MULTI-PURPOSE ONE-STEP PVC CEMENT, does not require the use of a primer. However, some local codes may require primer as part of the assembly procedure. This product is designed for quick assembly. Be sure all prep work is completed before applying cement.